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Doritos Snacks Process Line Corn Chips Machine Tortilla Machine 300-500kg Per Hour

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Model Number:300-500kg

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Product Description

Product Description

Corn tortilla maize taocs machine material is 304 food degree stainless steel,Long life and simple cleaning. About the capacity ,We can customize single row, double row and multi row.

Power 400w
Capacity 30-60pcs/min
Diameter of tortilla within 8inch
Thickness of tortilla adjustable
Voltage customized
Net weight 65kg

Main features of automatic tortilla making machine 

1. Fast speed. It can do nearly one thousand pieces of chapatti every hour, equal to 20 people or more.
2. Low cost: every person’s thousand pieces’ power consumption cost less than 1 dollar.
3. Forming good: the product is even thickness, smooth and easy operation.
4. No pollution: instead of traditional fire smoke heating, environmental health, covers area of less volume, save the cover area.

5.The thickness of the wrappers can be adjust.
6.The shape of products is clear, clean and round/oval for your choose.

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Tortilla Machines:

Fresh made tortillas are light and have a great corn flavor. Construction on this tortilla press is good but not great. The cast iron has a sturdy feel but the hinge is 

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