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Dayi Fried Corn Tortillas Snacks Food Machine

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1. Stable performance: adopting frequency speed controlling with high automation and stable pre-formation.

2. Barrel: the barrel is euro-style rectangle barrel. The reflux refrigeration channel is optimized and disposed, which can make temperature difference in different smaller areas.

3. The material of the screw can be 38CrMoALA, under initiation treatment, or make of alloy bushing which is anti-wear.

4. The forced lubricating system can also extend the usage time of the extruder.

5. The Auto-temperature control system makes the temperature controlling much more direct and the parameters more precise.

7. Self-cleaning: the screw has the capability of self-cleaning. No need to disassemble when stooping.

Technical Parameters:

Model K95 K90 K85 K70-1 K70 K65
Installed Power 100.7kw 82.5kw 92kw 61.5kw 46.5kw 35kw
Main Motor Power 90kw 75kw 75kw 45kw 30kw 22kw
Capacity 1500-2000kg/h 800-1200kg/h 400-500kg/h 200-260kg/h 200-260kg/h 100-150kg/h
Dimension 4.9×1.2×

4.7×1.2×2.5m 3.9×1.2×1.8m 2.8×1.0×1.9m
2.8×1.0×1.9m 2.7×0.9×1.8m

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